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About Jim

This site is intended to explain my journey so that others can understand that older life is only boring if you let it.

I will take some time in showing who I have been and who I am now and where I am going. I have found that circumstances consume us and become our reality and then can and do become our justification for not having FUN.

I hope that others can take some of the lessons that I have learned (some the hard way) and use them. I really wish to get many folks over forty off the couch and destined for the old folks home outside and enjoying all that is there and if you don't see what you like then make your own. I have been inspired by many people, and events, I have always admired the IronMan Triathlete for the tenacity, and at 50 years old and #340 I decided to become one.

So Today Both shoulders were cleaned up and impingements removed, To this day I regularly perform rotator cuff enhancement exercises, HypoThyroid was first treated with Synthroid, now I use Armor , Gerd, Acid Reflux and Diverticulitis are gone since I took my last bite of Gluten oct 2008 as well as dropping #100. Apnea is managed with a dental device NOT CPAP, Hypogonadism is still being resolved and I still need to loose another 60-70 pounds, work in progress, that is the point! I am not physically limited at this point of my life I just may not be as fast at some activities.

Personal Bio

54 years old this year, oldest of three children, blue collar Pacific Northwest Raised, Married, Wife 1.0 for 30 years, 3 kids: #1 Son who served in USMC, #2 Son in College and Daughter currently serving in the USMC.

Athletic Bio

Little league up to Babe Ruth, avid archer, State champion several times, High School wrestler (ran XC and track to stay in shape), Wrestled 1 year at Oregon State University (Dr. Dale Thomas) then 6 months at the USMC wrestling team in Quantico. Then a long hiatus from organized sports other than an occasional archery shoot. Since 2009 participated in runs and multisport events, to include USATF National XC, 5K and 15K trail runs and actually have won 2 triathlons in 2010 a sprint , and an Olympic. I have completed 6 half Ironman's and been under 2 hours in 1/2 marathons regularly. In September of 2011 I completed my first Full Ironman at Pentiction Canada in a finishing time of 14:35.

I am a member of USAT, USATF, USA Cycling, ORBEA, Trifusion Triathlon club and Vancouver Bike club.

Mountaineering, Summited recently (since age 50) Mt. Whitney elevation 14,505 Continental US High Point, Boundary Peak elevation13,143 (Nevada High Point) Numerous other trips on Mt. Rainier (Washington High Point), Granite peak (Montana High Point), in the summer and winter.

Health Bio

No complaints until about age 45 just plugging along in very poor health eating OK but 340lbs and every year activities getting harder. I then started to work harder at my health but was not getting very much results. Started looking for answers and found that I was in horrible health. Here is the list that I knew, both shoulders impingement syndrome-surgery repairs and PT, Hypothyroid, Gerd, IBS, acid reflux, Diverticulitis, Hypogonadism, Sleep Apnea, Morbid Obesity.


Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Oregon State University, Naval Flight Officer School Pensacola, Florida.

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I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice, my opinions are just that opinions and my experiences , everyone is different and by no means should anyone act on my advice alone, seeking a collective opinion from a variety of sources and making up your own mind is what is advocated. Clearly what seems to work for me right now may not work for you or even me some years from now, follow my suggestions at your own risk.

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